Keep it real

Washington D.C. Music Producer Jim Ebert’s tip- Keep it real.

The records you have grown up listening to, took a good amount of time to record, possibly weeks per song. Unless you have a huge budget, that scenario doesn’t work I alway’s suggest a song a day, if possible. I’ve Produced Major label stuff in this time frame. Groups or Artist’s will often come in expecting to get way more done than possible. i.e. we’re really tight , “we should be able to do three song’s….oh yeah…and we want it to sound like the Foo Fighter’s last Record”. This is not a reasonable goal. Getting the right performance, sound’s, arrangement, setup, etc….takes time. When anyone listen’s to your music, they don’t care if it took you you a day or year or how much it cost’s. They only know whether they like it or not. So, when your putting together your project, allocate enough time to do it well….there’s no point in doing it bad.

About Jim Ebert

Music Producer, Mixer, Engineer for 25 years, Located in Northern Virginia. Multiple Platinum and Gold Record Awards.