“Working with Jim is the best time and most laughs in the studio ever, and I always learn something new. He believed in me when I had no one and took a chance on me by helping me make a record that would shape my entire career as a producer.  Jim, you are the wind beneath my wings ;-)”

Butch Walker-producer/artist  
Los Angeles, California



“Jim Ebert is one of the finest engineers I’ve ever worked with. He’s that rare combination of soul and scientist. Meaning he can define perfectly that sweet spot between gutteral feel and sonic math. That’s a rare talent.”

Matthew Ryan
Nashville, Tennesee



“Jim is a pleasure to work with and a great asset in the studio. His clear head and wry humor keep things running smoothly and productively. Even when he shows up in a ridiculous hat.”

Honor By August   
Fairfax, Virginia



“Producer Jim Ebert is able to take our rough demos (sometimes very rough) and original ideas and transform them into complete thoughts with a modern, relevant sound, all in an relaxed and fun atmosphere.  His musical sensibility and production know-how lets us trust him so we can focus on our own performances, knowing the final product will be great.”

Lena Esposito-Jukebox serenade  
Fairfax, Virginia



“I spent years trying to capture the songs in my head through home recording and sporadic studio time, but always ended up frustrated with the result. When I finally got serious about making my first real record, I was lucky to come across Jim Ebert. Through our preproduction meetings, Jim developed a plan to translate my vision into reality. Jim brought all the necessary pieces together. He knew the right musicians, he knew the right engineer and he knew the right place to capture what had eluded me for years. Beyond the project management side of his work, Jim’s ear and musical sensibilities helped me to develop and define textures that I would have missed without him. Jim helped me realize my vision and I know that my record would not be the same without his contributions. I had a great experience with Jim  at Cue Studios working in the Red Room.”

Charlie Harrison   Austin, Texas



“Jim Ebert is the guy to go to if you’re serious about getting your music from where it is to where it needs to be. He’s just one of those guys who really understands what makes rock, well… rock.”

Akef Hadar-Punch drunk poets  Fairfax,Virginia



“Jim Ebert was the first producer I ever worked with.  I was 15 years old when we recored the EP The Other Side of Me.  The songs that I had started just as vocals and acoustic guitar, Jim brought to life and helped define a sound that I could never have achieved at that point in my life.  Since then, I’ve recorded another EP and full-length record, Lush, which brought me more credibility than any other records to date.  Jim brings total relaxation to the studio (maybe it’s the weed?), which is probably why my vocals takes sound better than any other recordings I ever do (or maybe it’s that damn Telefunken… hmmm…).  More than just a producer and co-writer, Jim has been a friend (and a grandfather).”

 Niki Barr    Baltimore, Maryland


“Crooked Crow was honored to work with Jim Ebert on our last 2
recording efforts at Cue Studios. Jim is not only a master of the art
of production he is also an accomplished musician and quickly earned
our respect and trust. I literally don’t think Jim could make
anything but a stellar recording of any band or individual musician.
He is intricately involved in every part of the process from
pre-production to recording, mixing and the final polished product.
We would never trust our music to anyone less than the best…and he
is as good as they get!”

“Clavis est ars a fabulosa carmina Ebert!” Crooked Crow


“I’ve now done a full 5-song EP and a single with Jim and his crew over at Cue Recording Studios and, honestly, what’s so great about working with him is that you know your songs are in good hands. He’s an avid music lover which makes him a passionate and informed producer, whose end goal, no matter what project he’s working on, is to make great music. When I bring Jim songs I’m interested in recording, it’s like brainstorming with a close friend: “what might sound good here”, or “you could tighten the bridge this way”, or “maybe you should try this”. That level of comfort and mutual respect shows itself in the backend of the production and absolutely enhances the overall quality of the music. Usually, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you step into a studio as a young songwriter, but that’s not the case whatsoever with Jim and the Red Room. Although it’s a stunning two-story studio with everything you could ask for, you walk in feeling like it’s your own living room and you get collaborate with amazing musicians, including Jim, and watch your music come to life. It’s hard to explain how awesome it is.”
Dave Farah


I had been looking for a producer that could interpret the melody and full sound I had for my songs based on, I must admit some really rough vocal guides.  I’ve been met with several naysayers telling me that what I was looking for was a needle in a haystack.   Well, I found that needle and his name is Jim Ebert.   Considering his history and accomplishments, I could have easily been intimidated and overwhelmed just by walking into Cue Studios with all the gold and platinum records on the walls, but Jim is not that guy.  Jim, I couldn’t thank you enough for being so patient, and easygoing in helping me bring my creations to life.  I never felt anything but at ease at Cue Studios and I knew I was in the right place with the right people.  The engineer named Sean and the musicians and singers that Jim works with are so professional and talented, that my songs ended up sounding better than I had imagined.  My overall experience at Cue Recording, with Jim Ebert and Sean in the Red Room can be summed up in one word.  AMAZING!
Vanessa Dunbar


Jim Ebert and Sean Russell are a terrific team for any singer/songwriter.  Sean is one of the most meticulous and efficient engineers I’ve witnessed and Jim has the magic ear.  He can hear where your song is going before you even know.  I dare anyone to take your music to them.  It’s well worth the investment.
Tommy Gann


Having worked with Jim on Crooked Crow’s 2 sucessfull studio efforts I knew that when the time came to do my solo effort Jim Ebert was the right choice. Jim is a hands-on producer and is involved from pre-production through mixing and mastering to ensure the artists vision is realized. His produciton insticts are the gold standard for any artist wanting to record a lasting work of art they can be proud of.
Bruce Parker